Cleaning aluminum from carbide bits.

Just a tip from a shop where I used to work…if you get aluminum welded or “galled” to your carbide bits, a bath in muriatic acid will eat the aluminum only. Works with altin coated bits too. It will mess up the plastic collar. Give it a try on a bit you think is lost. Take proper safety precautions when dealing with acid and store it safely in an air tight jug. Use only a small amount at a time in something like a shot glass.

I have to try this, such perfect timing.

Last night I was trying to get v-bits to work in aluminum, I broke the first one so I threw a ball end on it instead. I forgot to reset the position and it buried the ball end bit all the way. I decided to watch and see what broke…nothing! It was actually cutting but also skipping steps. This did absolutely coat the new ball end though and I pretty much left it for dead. I need to grab some acid and try this out.


Oven cleaner should work too.

“A fiend of mine” sprayed oven cleaner on aluminum foil as a youngster. Crumple it up and watch it smoke…crazy kids.

When the acid stops bubbling, it is done. I think some of my bits are cutting better after one use/acid cycle.