climb and conventional milling

Hi guys

Just a quick question;

I just started milling aluminum and am having great success after a few modifications to the machine. After playing around a bit, I am noticing that climb milling seems to produce much less chatter and cuts smooth, but it affects my overall dimensions even with a very small finishing pass. Conventional milling seems to produce the more accurate part. In my test piece, I am noticing that the conventional milled part is fairly close, only about .010" oversize. The climb milled parts average an additional .010" oversize making them around .020 oversize.

I would like to know if Estlcam has the ability to climb mill the roughing pass and conventional mill the finishing pass

Thanks in advance!

You could save both files (with finishing pass enabled) and then cut and paste the parts you want from each. It’s not ideal, but it would be worth it for at least a test.

I will give it a shot, but seems kind of clunky to do every time. Do you know of this capability is available in fusion 360 can? I’ve been thinking of switching over to fusion for a while, now might be the time I try it