Closed Loop MPCNC

Heyyo everyone! I’ve straped a basic Arduino based Closed Loop System on the MPCNC. Works super well! :slight_smile:
I’m just mocking around with the MPCNC as a motion platform but you can really see the benefits of the Closed Loop approach. Much more powerful while cheaper motors and ofc no worrys about loosing position. Video with more information if anyone is interested:
btw Vicious1 you rock!! B-)


I actually saw that this morning while having some coffee. I need to look into those encoders that could make for a rock solid machine. Self correcting milling. The arduinos are cheap enough, I haven’t looked at your encoders yet.

I am excited to see where this goes, you can get some pretty high torque rc motors for very cheap.

I’ve been reading about this kind of approach, and it sounds pretty interesting. Not super super cheap, but also not all that expensive for 4 of these optical encoders and then you just need the wiring and an Arduino for each one right? At least, that’s what I’ve seen everybody else doing - having extra Arduinos for just the encoders to use.