CNC contest - 20 prices, ranging from 500 to 50 USD

Instructables is holding a CNC contest together with Amazon. The Primo would be a perfect contestant!! (or many of the fabulous inventions in here, ie the CNC sewing-machine!)


Oh you all need to get in on this $500!!!

The crew here will blow the doors off the rest. Come people get an instructable up for your projects!


There are actually quite many prices here. I’m SURE someone in here should be able to do well! Like the pre WWII sewing machine CNC :smiley: CNC Embroidery conversion problem

There are 20 prizes and only 10 entries so far. The bottom prize is a $50 gift card. Those are good odds.

Even I can do better than a few of those entries…

But seriously, what about suggesting the PRIMO? I would assume that they want all of the instructions to be within the ecosystem though…

I think the primo would crush it. We already have instructions on building it though in our docs.

Is that really what the contest is for though? I assumed it would be some of the projects, not the machines that would win.

The wording seems quite open to me: whether you’re building your own CNC machine OR making a project on a CNC machine.. I think both approaches would be great. Either the PRIMO get’s great attention, or projects made on a v1-machine get’s attention - both of them nice outcomes. Why not do all?

Shoot, enter! Enter everything! Twitter announcement is needed for this one!


Wouldn’t the Primo be considered a bought product though? If that’s the case, then anyone building a Prusa MK3 would be able to enter their printer too.

But we do have a lot of great projects on here that could probably be entered. The CNC chalk draw thingie would be pretty awesome entered.

I’m considering submitting a build of my 1/3 scale arcade machine. I’ve never made an Instructable before so would be a lot of work but I feel like it might be a worthy entry.
One thing I’m not sure about is if I should go into any detail with anything dealing with the raspberry pi or just concentrate on the physical build of the cabinet, control panel, and screen… I guess I should look into how they handle providing info on emulation.

I would focus on keeping it entertaining. Pretty pictures and enough detail for people to get a grasp on the hard stuff. But mostly, people are there for infotainment. If someone really wants to build it, they can follow links to the github.

FWIW, I think the line most places take is that retropi is doing nothing wrong. But when you try to link to how to find roms, it gets messy. Anyone with a search engine can find that out without your help.

Also, it would kill. Please share a link so we can vote for it.

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Thanks for the input. I figured if I posted my intention to do it, I might feel accountable and actually do it.


Well now we need to know :grinning:

I’ll stop taking over this thread after this post.
It’s late, I’m tired, this is as far as I could get tonight. Obviously the cabinet panels will be cut on my lowrider. The control panel will be made of sheet metal and I’ll use the lowrider to trace the pattern for the holes and bend lines. Dimensions are approximately 21" tall, 10 deep, and 10 1/2" wide. I have one of these I did over a year ago all by hand before I had my lowrider. This one should come out much more tidy.


By all means, this is great! I think it’s inspiring to others that might give it a try.

I’d love to submit the card game table I’ve just made for son…but I didnt really take many progress photos


I’d vote for it.

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Thanks for the kind words! I’ll have to see if I can make much of an “instructable” after the fact


Build a second one :slight_smile:


I need to accelerate some of my plans… :sunglasses: September 14 is very doable.