Cnc doesn't stop at edge?

Johnny, I really like the way you worded that. I need to incorporate that in all the tutorials and getting started pages I have. I think I might have been trying to bend or correct the way people use the word, home. Instead I need to say things like “Zero, the carriage”, or “when you turn it on it is at Zero”. Where I have been saying things like, “home is where you turn it on”, That is incorrect, home is when it hits and endstop. I think I am very much to blame for a lot of the confusion. Thank you for taking the time to write that out I am going to use my words a bit more carefully and hopefully this makes it easier for all of us. High five!

Stephen! We are making solid progress. What was the cause of the odd origin on your machine?

So if your machine is not started square it will cut ovals and parallelograms instead of circles and rectangles, but it should not skip steps. What you have there is a skipped step. That could be from loose belts, poorly set drivers, cutting too fast, too deep, dull tool, moving an axis too far, physically hitting something,all kinds of things. Although if it is really far out of square it can skip a step but is has to be pretty far off for that to happen.

You will need to run iti again and watch things closely.

As for the odd smaller looking cut, I don’t know what you were trying to do so I don’t know what is wrong. Things like screenshots of your toolpaths and tool settings can really help sort these out. The estlcam screen will show all of this with one picture. Just use the windows snipping tool to get a screen grab.

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I’m not sure what was causing the odd origin. When cutting the base to the knife stand, it was cutting from lower right, but upon running the crown print, it seems to have decided to start working from the lower left. I thought it might stay that way, but it continues to from the proper side.

The small cut should have been a proper rectangle, but I am sure that was due to it not being square. My measurements seem to be correct, but I am going to borrow a true square from school to double check all my angles.

I was mainly curious about the stepping issue, but there is a good chance I knocked the machine which made it step over. I’ll run a few test parts once I have my pen attachment printed out and wont have to waste wood :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Ryan. You have done some great work here both with the design and with helping everyone out. I just hope to be able to help a little bit when I can. I can’t wait for the 3d printer to arrive so I can start printing parts. I need to get over to the store and order the parts bundle from you. Much like what Barry has stated before, even though I could run down to the hardware store and order the other stuff over the net, I feel like I should order the main bundle from here. Not only for convenience, but also to show support for all you have put into this. I was waiting for you to put the T8 in the kit and say today that it has been updated. Will put my order in pretty soon. May send you an email first just to make sure I am not forgetting something for what I want to do.

Good luck to you Stephen. It looks like you are starting to figure things out!