Cnc Estlcam step by step fist time set up

Hi community as you will see I am a total newbie. I am in need of a step by step guidance on how to get Estlcam installed. What do i need to do to get my mega to properly understand Estlcam with the new support for ramps 1.4 board .

? to do if anything with jumpers
? to do with resistor on the board if you disconnect the 3d extruder from the ramps board.m
do i have to remove any of my drivers from the ramps board
do i have to change the jumpers of the remaining axles
How do i get estlcam to move my mpcnc and not just go to test mode
Do I have to use repetier still with then new in short how to get the darn thing to do anything the 3 d printer part of mpcnc works great on its own or with octopi thanks in advance

Estlcam control software is brand new and kind of still in beta (we only got it made available to use last week). It is only for milling at this point.

If you want to do anything else with your machine, stick to repetier host. Follow this walk through.

I’m building my machine primarily for milling wood. So the Estlcam software seems to be a good fit for me. However I’ve watched videos etc. And cant wrap my head around how to create tool paths. Hopefully someone will create a “estlcam for dummies” video

Check the basic videos at youtube, also linked under Anleitung at all basics are described there. Also check out the new version with endstops and touchplate support.

Ive watched a ton of videos but still confused. My biggest issue is being able to “see” what the outcome will be. I.e. making sure things are milled in the correct order etc.

Hi, that would very interesting for me:)
There is no little Step by Step Guid with Ramps 1.4 (out of the Box) with the Eastlcam.

I think that would be for some beginners a great help from you professionals :slight_smile:

@Brian If you don’t like what you see in the repetier screen you are looking for a “visualizer” I have not found one I really like yet.

@Matthias I feel like I have 2 different walkthroughs under the information, software tab. If you could be specific and tell me what you think is missing I can update them. If you are asking about using Estlcam as a control software, you need to give it a little time to mature, it has only been out for about a week, and the most recent update a few days ago just made it fully functional. Although it really isn’t very different from a workflow standpoint. Again, if you could be specific to where information, or a step is missing, one of us could help fill in the blanks.