Cnc.js, how cool is this?

I’ve only done one small pocket in mdf with my lowrider. I use Octoprint on linux for 3d printer so tried that for the lowrider as well. Then I read about cnc.js and had to try it tonight.

Git, build, etc according to the simple instructions and it’s running and I did some air prints. So cool. I’m liking the vibe of cnc.js and will be pursuing it. To the developers, :+1:


I started up with cncjs after a lot of frustration with repetier. It was on a forum suggestion, jeffeb I think.
Be sure to check out the macro panel!

I like it too. So much I made a pi image with it and octoprint together, v1pi.


oh dang. Didn’t realize v1pi had cnc.js. I’ve got a spare pi, might be able to do away with the desktop. Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

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There are a few ways to get it. I need to release a new one because octoprint and cncjs have updated.

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