Just got onto Cnc.js pretty slick… One quick question though…what do all the fancy buttons do on this thing. I followed all the install protocols but when I go to use it, I can’t even find a simple description of the GUI (web or desktop)… right now my issue is with deciphering what the the grid space on the Goode viewer thingy means?¿?¿?¿?.. Thanks

I enjoy CNC.js a lot, but also have had a hard time finding documentation. I have just settled on the buttons that seem to work for me and avoid all of the others. Hoping someone will pop in with more info. :slight_smile:

I agree with the other David.

I clicked on the cog wheel and turned off most of the windows.

I also have most of mine turned off and then added some custom buttons for things like homing z, releasing/engaging certain axis. I like the preview window and use it to mark out hold downs before running the cut.

I do find it annoying that most functionality doesn’t work unless connected to the machine but oh well

Thanks for the tips… Btw has anyone run into the problem of Cnc.js on Rambo 1.4 not homing all the way if the tool is greater than 500mm away from G28(home)?

I may be wrong, but I think that’s a limit in the firmware, not cnc.js.

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Ahh yes, my mind was already going in that direction. Guess I just needed it spelled out. That would explain why there’s a “print failed” message on the Rambo’s LCD. Thanks again for your time!

Yes. I had to change settings and reflash so I could home when far out. The other option is to jog to a closer spot then home, but I didn’t want that. Once I get a joystick hooked up then I’ll probably love jogging it around. :hugs:

Another option would be to manually move the machine to within the homing limit before turning the machine on.

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