CNC Pendant for marlin

So i want a jog pendant but didnt want to mess with marlin settings (at all…) i also didnt care if it was joystick based. The goal is to be able to job the machine into place from a vantage point closer than where my electronics were.

The answer was the to extend my TFT24 display via a cable so i could have it in my hand away from the skr brains.

After spending hours soldering up an extension cord for the EXP1 and EXp2 cables, I found out that these do nothing when the display is in touch mode! Are they only used when in marlin mode?

Long story short is this works great as a separate device and if i really dont need the exp1 and exp2 wires, its a super simple adjustment. To be experimented with further…


Yes, one gray is only marlin mode, and the other is possibly the SD card data. So you might have to use the USB port if you unplug the gray. Also be careful, I am not sure about the black but the gray stop functioning reliably if they are longer than 60CM.


In touch screen mode, the SD card is read by the screen, not by Marlin.

Whoa, well that is cool!

You might want to use shielded cable for those data wires…

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I’m going to experiment and see how long I can go before it gets flaky or stops working. Even the extra 45cm is welcome versus mounting it in the same case though…

Too bad some person way smarter than me hasn’t made an inline booster for these TFT screens :slight_smile:

Added 6’ of twisted 24ga (ethernet) cable! Everything seems to work ok so far…i dont actually need it this long but was curious if it would work and it was already terminated…


Nice. A set of adapter plugs might be a hit!

“Too bad some person way smarter than me hasn’t made an inline booster for these TFT screens :slight_smile:

I’m not claiming to be smarter but active USB2 data cables are just Tx Rx data transmission lines so I would think they would do the job just fine. Ensure that the repeater cable is an ACTIVE repeater cable (the really cheap ones are just wires and no active chip). You could hack up the cable to get the end for soldering to the control board and the other end that you cut would need soldering to the display. Ideally the repeater block would be closer to the control board. It should provide a bit more security for your data.

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I was going to suggest looking for a uart repeater. The communication is typical uart for any 5V microcontroller, like an Arduino. You could easily make one with an Arduino pro micro. It just needs to write everything it reads to the other serial port (so it needs two serial ports).

But there must be something commercially available. If nothing else, and opto isolator could be used to repeat the signal with better signal strength.