CNC router basics book?

My MPCNC is almost done and I am starting to look at potential first projects and realized I need to build my knowledge level up. Reading these forums helps but is not as structured s I need right now. :slight_smile:
Any book or YouTube series recommendations?

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As versatile as these machines are it may be difficult finding one source covering everything. Depending on your interests be they milling, carving , engraving, plastics, wood, signs, cutting metal, etc. you can likely find helpful videos on YouTube covering them as well as the software that will allow you to do whatever you need to do.

Have you checked out Estlcam basics?

There is a user here, some old guy coding. He has a yt channel (someoldguycoding). He has a bazillion minutes of content, and he shows very clearly what he’s doing. It also lends itself well to the “playback speed” setting. You can speed it up to skim it or just watch through the whole thing. Some of it is a bit old. So some of the wiring or flashing stuff might be a tad out of date.

Not so much either of those, but I’d say take a trip through the gallery and find a project you like, then start asking questions. Everything I’ve seen here suggests you’ll get all the help you need, step by step if you need it.