CNC spindles

Looking for advice suitable for the UK.

I’ve successfully built the MPCNC and happily enjoying myself playing with Inkscape images and a pen so now before I move onto the real fun with a laser I thought I would graduate to a cutter. From the posts on the forum my options in the UK would appear to be

1 A Dremel 4000 advantages 220V, mount STLs on Thingiverse available in store locally. Disadvantages doubts about power and runout
2 Import a DeWalt DW660 advantages Viciuos1’s recommended option, mount STLs available on site. Disadvantages 110V only (although De Walt company website makes no mention of this) so would require a step-up transformer, apparently noisy
3 Something else.

So looking for ideas or comments relevant to England and 220V power supply.



How about the Makita RT0700CX4. I have the RT0701C which is the 110V equivalent. You are lucky in the UK, using 220V lowers the current for the same power. There are mounts available on Thingiverse for this router and it has the benefit of variable speed. It’s about 96 pounds on Amazon. Weight is listed as 3Kg so its probably on the top end but it is rated at 700w and should cut quite well.

I just found this as well: Katsu 101748. Looks like a Makita knock off. I know nothing about this brand but it’s 40 pounds on Amazon and has similar specs to the Makita. Fits the same mount and is listed at 2.6Kg and 710w. Not a recommendation but worth a look.


That’s an interesting spot. I see that both 110V and 220V versions are available in the U.K. 110V is used for safety reasons on construction sites in the U.K. I see that the specs list it as 1.8kg which is 400g more than the DeWalt. Does anybody know what the possible weight is for the current Z axis design, i.e. Files downloaded in December?


I’d try to stay around 3.5lbs (1.5kg) max. That’s the weight of the dewalt 660.

Just weighed my Makita RT0701C, router only, and it’s 1.46Kg.

@Dennis Wright I think the DW660 is “recommended” because it works well with the MPCNC, but more importantly, here in the US, it’s inexpensive. It’s certainly not the only router that will work, probably not even the best.

Looks like you have gotten some good suggestions for routers on your side of the pond. I just didn’t want you to feel like you were settling for less than the optimum tool for the MPCNC. In fact, the Makita, with its variable speed, has that advantage over a DW660, which requires an external speed control.

I can highly recommend the Kress 1050.
I know next to nothing about CNC’ing, but I know good hardware when I feel it.

It has electronic speed control, and it is very easy to adjust with a scroll wheel next to the power cord, while you are milling.

It thought it would be too heavy for the mpcnc, but it feels like it was made for it, once mounted.

I’ve heard many good things about the Kress spindles.

That Kress spindle looks great! Looks like it costs 6-8 times what a 660 costs, though.

Thanks for the input guys, expecting delivery of the Makita tomorrow. Then the fun starts, printing mounts and then milling expanded polystyrene to start before I try the teak planks, only joking!


Yea, who mills styrofoam??!! :wink: