CNC'd spool holder

Really not happy with any of my 3DP spool holders, lucky I have a CNC!

Used some of the leftover conduit I had from my MPCNC build, 10mm coversheet & jeffeb3’s V2 Base design shrunk down to match my MP3DP build.

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That looks really good. I went the simple route and 3d printed this one:

I had a bunch of bearings left over from the MPCNC build.

I actually use one of each of those types. The ones that have the axle work well for almost empty spools, and the ones that hold it from the bottom work well for fuller spools. They both work for me in the middle.

The axle type ones usually fail when the spool is full, because the filament unloops a loop, and it hooks around the axle. The bottom bearings won’t let that happen.

The bottom holding type fail on the almost empty spools, just because they weigh so little at the end, that a small tug, and the spool comes up out of the bearings.

So I literally have both. It sucks, I just don’t know of a good solution in both cases, that also holds all kinds of spools (because there’s no way we could just have one sized spool, oh no!).

My spool sits over the top of my printer. The printer is always pooling down on the spool. I don’t have a problem with empty spools being pulled off the stand.

My printer sits in one of the Ikea enclosures.

Changing the angle and direction of the spool feed into your extruder can also help with the axle type spools. Feeding from the bottom can help put enough tension on at the start to keep it from sliding off to the side.