So, as I’ve mentioned a few times around here, I’m moving out to Denver in a couple of weeks, so tight budget! Decided this would be a great year to make interesting gifts for each household that I’ll be visiting this season.
I’m not sure how I landed on this idea, but I’m calling them “Shadow Totems”. Each one represents something about the household it is being gifted to. I think normal tea lights will look better than these LED color changing candles, but I had these laying around so I’ll include them in the gift bag.

And then, of course, I carved the mountain range for my wife! Yeah, yeah, it’s cute, you’re gonna vomit.

Everything here was cut out of either 1/8" or 3/8" birch plywood.
Rough sand with 80 grit, stained it all with Red Mahogany and sprayed with 5 coats of gloss lacquer- sanding one final time before last coat with 320 grit.

This project was a lot of fun for me- this was also my first time using a carving tool. The final product on the carve was my first and only attempt! Hooray!

Hope you enjoy, thanks for checking it out.


Nice work!

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Love seeing some original gifts!