Cncjs desktop

cncjs desktop on laptop with marlin anybody else doing this having hard time finding pi
thought iwould try this

I’ve used it. It seems very similar to the pi experience. Although I used it in Linux. Give it a go and let us know how it works in windows.

I ran cncjs on windows and now on Linux, worked fine for both. I stream directly to the lowrider via usb.

I think CNC.js is no longer updated but there is a sister program that looks exactly the same.

My only issue on windows was the program would sometimes not launch. Had to click multiple times or launch as administrator. Could have been a computer issue though as my old lenovo was super slow until I installed Linux

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thanks ill let you know

i will be running it on win 10 laptop what is sister program called

Makerverse I haven’t used it but looks the exact same


I will have to try that out. I wish I saw more credit going back to cncjs. But it does look like it is being maintained. This company also looks like they are selling Maslow kits. I’m not sure what the ethics are there. I haven’t kept up with maslow

I have a Maslow. With respect to makerverse: TLDR- There was honest intent in setting it up and then there was drama. The next version of makerverse won’t be based on cncjs it appears, but there is continued improvement. Makerverse /cncjs had to be highly customized to calibrate the maslow. In doing that it was also configured to run both series of controllers (mega and due) at the same time and run 3d printers all in the same setup, so some real time was invested to get it working. There are complaints about the login setup, but once that is achieved, it can be a pretty nice setup.

Edit: a post from the one who took cncjs to makerverse.

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To be fair. I’m not sure what ‘updates’ I’d need on cnc.js at this point. It works with both grbl and marlin as is. It loads gcode and sends it to the machine. There might be some quirks in it, but it’s been pretty solid for me.

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Maybe it is just because I am a software dev. But software that doesn’t get updates rots. The stuff it connects to (Like Marlin/grbl/web browsers) move and if there aren’t updates, then things will break.

Abandoned projects are eventually going to fail. But it is not immediate or obvious all the time.

what macros should i load to cncjs any favorites

My only Marco I have (besides custom buttons) is a macro that traces a part. I think it’s on the example page on CNC.js. it’s a good sanity check for where I put my hold down screws or that my machine won’t hit anything.

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Yeah, but if I never update the firmware on my machine, then I never have to update CNC.js :smiley:

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I have one that sets the Z height of the machine, moves Z up 5 mm, moves it to X0 Y0, then moves it down to Z0 for my starting point. I usually set the Z height of my bit somewhere in the middle of the part I’m cutting and not in the corner to give me more flat space to hold the touch plate.

I use a ton of macros might most common are:

macro that contains all the possible eeprom settings that I can set via gcode so I can get reset my machine to a known state … M666 offsets, motor currents, reset of workspace coordinates, sensorless homing settings etc.

Several homing macros that relate to various fixtures and setup workspace cords based upon them… workspace 1 has 0,0 at corner of spoliboad, workspace 2 is at fence corner, workspace 3 is the last jobs 0,0 set as a startup command.

Z probe with time delays to allow me extra time.

Speaking of macros, could you use one with a bit setter that would subtract a new bit length from an old bit length? Or maybe do a mathematical equation of two z lengths across two workplace coordinates?

I just read through the forum threads regaring makerverse’s forking of cncjs. I don’t think it’s possible to figure out what is objectively “good enough” ethics and behavoir in forking and giving proper credits. What I DO understand is that they don’t want to have all the troubleshooting issues coming from the stale cncjs, if they are too closely associated!

Well - I’m certainly going to give it a try - as @jeffeb3 mentions, the platforms that cncjs interact with do develop and it sounds like a good idea to use tools that keep track! And who knows what nice new functionaly makerverse might’ve got. (too bad the name is so generic!)

Edit: sorry, that was quicker than expected. They want me to sign in/make an account. I’m allergic to all these account-based services! Maybe I’ll check out octoprint as the preferred environment…

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ok thanks ill check web site for some