CNCJS help pleaseeee

Hi there
I am a total newbie to CNC snd hope this is an easy question… I have downloaded and installed all the necessary components for cncjs and have it all connected, following the steps to configure and get it all talking and this is my first hurdle?? I just don’t know what “check door” means? Can anyone shed some light?

Thankyou in advance!!!

My best guess is you have a pin configured for a door switch. The machine should stop whenever the door is read ‘open’, so you can’t get going because you proba ly don’t have a door to close. Maybe comment that out in the firmware and reflash. Or if you know what pin it is, you might be able to jump it to ground so you can at least play with your machine a little.

That looks like an issue with your grbl setup. Cncjs is just the messenger.