Cncjs pause and run function quit working shortly after starting?

I hope some one can help me with this.
Shortly after I start running a project on cncjs the pause and stop button do not work any more and I have not been able to figure out why.
Can any one help me with please??

The commands coming out of cncjs get stored in Marlin for a little while. That buffer of commands smooths out the motion.

When you pause or cancel a job from cncjs, it stops sending commands to Marin. But marlin has that buffer and it doesn’t know why it is not getting more.

On a large CNC job, each command may be 20" long. So a buffer of even a few commands could be a minute of buffer.

The same thing happens on a 3D printer. But the commands are usually much smaller, so the buffer is just a few moments (unless you are heating the bed or something.

Hey Jeff;
That is very interesting, I did not know that.
However after it is paused once and restarts that’s it, if I pause it again my curser turns into a red circle and it won’t pause or stop or anything. And you are right it is a 20 hour 3D project 28.5 " long and 16.5 wide. What is the solution for this??

Thank you so much;


Hey Jeff;

Thank you;
That was very interesting; I did not know that.
However after it is restarted once that’s it. it will never return to run again.
And this has never happened before.
So how do you fix this problem.


I’m not sure. Maybe cncjs is waiting for a specific message and it isn’t getting it.