Playing with CNCjs and can’t seem to get zeroing out to work…anyone else have this? I get the pen (don’t have a router yet) to the location and they try to zero out and I see this in the console.

echo:Unknown command: “G10 L20 P1 Y0”


I’m using a rambo 1.3 with the latest firmware from V1

Looks like I just need to use the console and use the G92 command to do what I need.

Hi someone wants to help me install cncjs on a pi 3b. At the moment I have tried it 6 times but I get error messages all the time.

It has since become a mix of different forms. I reinstall pi and hope to get help from you.
Thank you

I install pi light and can go to my mac via the terminal. the wifi connection works well.
here it goes wrong somewhere

pi@raspberrypi:~ sudo npm install npm@latest -g sudo: npm: command not found pi@raspberrypi:~ sudo npm install -g cncjs@latest --unsafe-perm
sudo: npm: command not found
pi@raspberrypi:~ sudo npm install npm@latest -g sudo: npm: command not found pi@raspberrypi:~ sudo apt-get install npm
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
The following additional packages will be installed:
gyp javascript-common libjs-inherits libjs-jquery libjs-node-uuid libjs-underscore
libssl-dev libssl-doc libuv1-dev node-abbrev node-ansi node-ansi-color-table
node-archy node-async node-balanced-match node-block-stream node-brace-expansion
node-builtin-modules node-combined-stream node-concat-map node-cookie-jar
node-delayed-stream node-forever-agent node-form-data node-fs.realpath
node-fstream node-fstream-ignore node-github-url-from-git node-glob
node-graceful-fs node-gyp node-hosted-git-info node-inflight node-inherits
node-ini node-is-builtin-module node-isexe node-json-stringify-safe node-lockfile
node-lru-cache node-mime node-minimatch node-mkdirp node-mute-stream
node-node-uuid node-nopt node-normalize-package-data node-npmlog node-once
node-osenv node-path-is-absolute node-pseudomap node-qs node-read
node-read-package-json node-request node-retry node-rimraf node-semver node-sha
node-slide node-spdx-correct node-spdx-expression-parse node-spdx-license-ids
node-tar node-tunnel-agent node-underscore node-validate-npm-package-license
node-which node-wrappy node-yallist nodejs-dev python-pkg-resources
Suggested packages: …etz

I would just use the image…I was up and going in 5 mins.


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Thank you, Todd. I hadn’t seen it correctly. my english is not very good.
I’m going to work with it.
Thank you

I can’t connect

have I made the right WiFi setup like this?

WPA/WPA2 secured








ssid=“put SSID here”



I use a rambo mini and with cnc js I cannot set a zero. feeder> G10 L20 P1 X0
echo: Unknown command: “G10 L20 P1 X0”