CO2 laser

This is cool. Someone modified a laser cabinet to expand the usable space. Looks a bit complicated, including metal lathe work… But someone should figure out how to attach a CO2 laser to the MPCNC, am I right?

Would be nice if the parts for this were readily available, and printable, and easy to print like Ryan’s parts.

That article had my finger on the trigger (buy now button) earlier this morning. I just want to play with one of those lasers so bad.

Maybe it is worth the cost to show the inexpensive expandability of the MPCNC…That is my pitch to the IRS if I had to justify the expenditure, sounds good right?

I’m no tax expert, but in my opinion, that is a legitimate expense. Also, you’re customers are pretty smart, geeky, and handy so anything with a star wars logo, laser beams, video game references, spinning blades, or math are also tax deductible.

So true, now is an amazing time to be a geek!!!

Heh, I know someone who could tell you if it was expenceable or not… :wink:

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I still have that info Barry. I have had some family around and today I have some help, then… can’t wait to get in contact with her.

Shaneh says you couldn’t write it off unless you’re actually selling them directly, or selling a how to manual.

What about using it to cut parts for sale? LowRider flat parts or printer parts?

Yep, now it’s a tool.