Cold shed = low productivity. A few resin inlays


I once worked for a company that had a lady come in and give 15 min chair massages. OMG that was nice.

Right now I’m 100% from home. So things are good minus the lack of social interaction.

The last place I worked at had the chair massages too. Third Thursday of every month.

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Back in the day, when I worked for Intel, we only worked half time. 7 to 7, 7 days a week. :slight_smile: You kids nowadays have it too easy. :slight_smile:

FWIW, I have worked like that, before kids. I know what it takes, and I know the satisfaction that comes with it. But I don’t work at a startup, I don’t own the company, and software engineers are in demand (especially ones that know robotics) so I am happy to say, “no, thanks” to jobs that want me to quit my life.

My boss is old school, it’s all about being seen. He hates me working from home one day a week, because he assumes I do nothing, whereas in fact that’s my most productive time. I have suggested we move to genuine flexitime as an attraction for staff retention (we don’t pay well, and arguably can’t), so allow staff to take days off/afternoons off etc No dice.

I took COVID for our CEO to understand that some of us work really well from home.

We produced enough output during the first months of COVID that our company was giving us extra days off each month.


Is your output measurable? I think that was the hardest thing where I work. Some of the output just never comes, even after a lot of effort. Other times, it is suprisingly easy. So we don’t have easy day to day metrics for output.

I was one of a few remote workers before 2020. Since everyone has had a taste, the attitudes are definitely shifting. But it also isn’t for everyone.

Not directly, my job is kind of an internal consultant, and the tasks hugely varied.
I think I contribute, but then I would say that :wink:

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The top tree has more detail in the trunk. did you carve it differently or did the epoxy in the bottom one just hide it?

Those look really good btw.

They were completely accidental striations in the resin, but I will try and repeat it in future, it looks intentional and rather nice. The carvings are the same, there’s no detail within the trunk.

Heh, shouldn’t they just use lines of code as a measurable? :slight_smile:

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Jeff, all you did this week was delete 500 lines of code. This is going to affect your review!

But I put the 500 lines back in, doesn’t that count as a thousand in changes?

A few years ago, my company started collecting data on how many reactions we each ran per week as some kind of metric on productivity. I happened one week to be doing the same procedure loads of times, so reported 46 in a week (normal is 5-10). I discussed it with the big boss and learnt a life lesson: often these kind of things are put in place to deal with one or two difficult people who aren’t being managed properly. Weak/lazy/poor management is pervasive, and it is hard work to be a really good manager of people. I think I’ve worked for two genuinely good managers in thirty years, but maybe that says more about me!

Sounds like middle school (grades 7-8, jr high, whatever). My ability to do zero homework, yet still ace all the tests, annoyed the teachers so badly that my 8th grade year they implemented a fairly rigid homework policy, including notes home to parents, and even in-school suspension (congratulations, you get to spend ALL DAY in the principal’s office, doing the homework you’ve been neglecting). I had two of those suspensions, I think the only two awarded, and they kept the policy one more year, so it wouldn’t be quite so obvious.

Sometimes, the metrics don’t quite measure what you think they should…