Collet Bushing Adapters

Hey gang, thought I’d share this. I was looking for an 1/8" collet for my Rigid 1/4" laminate trimmer. They don’t exist. But I found this and it’s made in my home area!

Lee Valley Tools Bushing Adapters

Check out the link I have in the LowRider parts link. I bought a 1/8" collet for my 611 and it is very nice, shipping is slower than I would have liked but worth the wait. They have all kids of quality adapters.

I’ll check that out at home tonight. Can’t from work.

The collet they use in these machines looks like this: Rigid R2400 Collet

I’ll see if they have that.

The nice thing about the bushing is it doesn’t matter what router you have. Also, it looks tallish so that might add some rigidity to the bit, I’m hoping. I’ll pick one up on the way home tonight and try it out.

Ok, so I turns out the Rigid R2400 is similar to the Bosch Colt. These guys sell collets for the Rigid R2400. Search on their site for Bosch Colt.

>> Edit - They just called me. You can get the collet but it only works with their nut and wrench which they don’t sell anymore. The collets are there for previous customers. He did mention to check elaire so I’ll check them out tonight. FYI.