Colorado build

My build, In January i picked up a 3d printer and the MPCNC caught my eye on Thingiverse. So I decided to give it a go. I have much to learn. At the first of the year I didn’t know an Arduino from an armadillo or CAM from ham. Its been a fun build.

Nice, looks like you are a quick study!

Jim that looks terrific. Love the colors you used. I laughed when I read that as I was very similar with CNC stuff. I’m now churning out work I would once only dreamed of.

So I have to ask, what kind of conduit is black? Is that a plumbing type of pipe?
I am half tempted to build a 3rd MPCNC (dont need it but I have five 3D printers and a bunch of PLA+PETG waiting to be used).
I figure the third build has to have all of the ‘upgrades’ possible including cosmetics, right?


Jim, same question… where did you get the pipe and also what about your controller box and main board box…are they 3d printed? Still trying to find a design I want to go with.

I used 1" O.D. .065 wall cold roll tubing. It’s fairly cheap about $24.00 for a 22 foot length. Its surface is better then conduit in my opinion and is dimensionally very good. It comes in wall thickness from .065(16 gauge) thru .120(11 gauge). The control & screen boxes are Visious’s designs form Thingiverse.

Looks great Jim. What bracket did you use for the Z wires and how did you attach your cable chain? Thanks.

Jim. also what did you use to cut the pipe? I think I can get this kind of steel pipe from a metal shop but they are always so busy so when I come in for just a couple of tubes I feel like I am bothering them let alone to ask them to cut to certain lengths, etc.

The cable chain mounts are some pieces i sketched up in 123D Design & printed. The tubing can be cut with a sawzall, jigsaw or even a hacksaw if your patient. I have a bandsaw and is what i used. My climate is really dry here and rust is not an issue, if you live on one of the coasts it will probably get surface rust.

Finished my MPCNC’s new home.


Not nearly dirty enough yet. Get in there and cut! :wink:

Looks great! Would you happen to have the chain mounts on thingiverse?

The chain is I don’t have a thingiverse account to post the mounts. I’m very new to drawing stuff in 3d.