Combine Z axis to one motor?

The Z axis has an enormous amount of torque, right? So some kind of GT2 pulley that attaches to the T8 screw and some GT2 belt is all you’d need right? You’d want it a little tight, and you’d put it on the top.

Just an interesting idea. I doubt you’d save money on parts. It might make me feel better to have one driver per stepper.

I have some 8mm bore pulleys… I was originally thinking of trying that out but for some reason looped belts were off putting to me at the time. Once they are sourced I bet it is a very solid design.

Leveling one time would be really nice. Our printers with two steppers mean any rough filament changes can knock them out of whack, this seems like it would be better.

I really want to make a movable Z printer. I have a bl touch coming (what?!) and a non-e3d aero. Maybe I will try this out if you haven’t by then.