Combined CNC and laser on same work area

I combined CNC and laser work on the same area with my lr2. The CNC made a cool 3d effect with the mourning band, and then I lasered the rest. Everything had to be measured and lined up perfectly between the two tools for this to work, but i think it was a success. Just in time for police week.


I use the laser to help align projects like this.

I have a 1% laser burn that traces the object 5-6 times at a fairly fast speed… too fast too burn. Then I can nudge the material as the laser races around the part to help align the laser to the part. Just make sure you’re not nudging the part in the same spot the laser is burning!


I lasered an outline in my spoilboard and lined it up on there, but i like your idea too. Sounds even more accurate.

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Oh. I like your idea too… Less chance of having a racing burning machine headed towards your phalanges.

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