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My MPCNC Build… Gettysburg PA

So… many, many years ago I had wanted to build a CNC Router and started to gather parts and bought the plans for a Solsylva style machine. I always really liked the overhead style rail system because I didn’t want the “limiting” factor on the X or Y that most every other “under-bed” build has. And that same “open” design is what attracted me to the MPCNC. As well as the quick build turnaround and low costs.

When I bought my 3D printer I had no idea that the MPCNC even existed… And now I’m knee deep in plastic parts, electronics and SS tubing.

I’m building the “J” version…
1" OD Stainless Steel tubing.
4" Z travel (can always shorten later).
24" x 36" “live” cutting area (with enough extra tubing to make bigger later if needed).
Cheapo HF 1/4" trim router will serve as the spindle for now.
Standard Arduino / Ramps controller

The only “aftermarket” parts (for now) is a belt tension system.
I’m also not printing the “Foot Bottom” pieces or using tubing for the legs… Going to be using a different kid of leg system that will allow for “more” flexibility and portability with upcoming projects.

Thanks to Allted / Vicious for making this awesome design available and to everyone else who has contributed a wealth of information about getting these machines up and running!