Communication timeout - reset send buffer block

I am just starting up my machine. When I try to make a manual move in Repetier Host I get the following error “Communication timeout - reset send buffer block” Do I have something setup wrong?

Michael Barrett

More info is needed to help you out.

I have everything wired and hooked up to my Rambo 1.3 board. The Lights come on the board when I power up. I have Ardunio installed on my laptop (Windows 10) I also have Repetier Host installed (the installation also installed Repetier Server) The port being used is COM 3. The default baud rate on my Laptop was set at 9600. I also tried 115200 and got the same error message on both.

See screen snips below. I just used the x axis keys and the code was input automatically.

Hope this is enough information.



From here,


The 250,000 baud rate allowed me to move the machine. I thought the device settings on the computer for COM3 had to be set to this in addition to the software. My computer does not have a default for 250000 so I did not think I could use that baud rate. Makes no difference what the device settings are. Now to add the waste board and guarding. I will be adding to my original build instruction already online and be posting it, probably in a couple of weeks. Going to order a couple of cutters from you. Any recommendations on a waste-board cutter (for leveling the board) Probably need a tee-shirt to. Thanks for all your help.

Michael Barrett


I have never done this. You can use a large router bit if you really want to but any flat end endmill will work.


Glad you are up and running!

Something like this one will work fine. Look around for pricing, that’s just the first one I saw.

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