Comparison of Primo an Burly?


I built a burly MPCNC and it is working but some things are not perfect… so I did some upgrades… cable management, rigidity of the corners with stabilizing them, belt tension etc…
My actual problem is a little x-y-wobbling in the z-axis. Which means that even with a perfect 90° Z-axis to x and y I get some deviations in x- and y- axis when milling hard wood. And in aluminium I get some small strips when milling flat with spirals but only on one curve of the spiral. I don’t know if anyone understands what I mean…

My question is about the compatibility of the primo parts to the burly parts:

  • is it possible to use a complete burly MPCPC with some primo parts?
  • to be precise: is it possible to use a complete burly (with Z-axis!) and only change the core? Will I get more rigidity with that change?
  • is it possible to only change the trucks (and change the belt direction) to get more milling space?


Using the core only has been mentioned before, but I can’t remember exactly.
For sure, if you change the trucks and corners together the belt management is different.