Compatibility of SKR boards

It doesn’t look like there is a thread on SKR version compatibility, at least not in the last year or two. I’m looking to upgrade from a RAMPS for my new Lowrider2. The preconfigured firmware has options for 1.3 and SKRpro but I’ve heard the numbering hasn’t exactly matched the release dates and its not clear what the version means for preconfigured SW. Does “pro” suggest a version number? Is “Mini board” a concern? I’d also like to stick with my DRV8825’s for now if possible.

If there is a primer out there on what I should care about in SKR boards I would appreciate a link. In short, what is the newest best board that will be compatible with the DualLR firmware posted?

BTW TFT is cool but not required since I’ve got an RPI with Jeff’s CNCjs right next to my machine and its great.

Skr pro is a different board than the skr turbo or skr (nothing). Getting the skr pro 1.2 board is a good bet. Getting the skr (nothing) 1.3 is the second.

I too am on ramps 1.4 and have the faint hint of some flakiness (couple of sporadic crashes mid print with tool diving into workpiece and looks like voltage Reg is on way out as lcd is now struggling to light up on 12v supply now)

Looking back at old threads seems like the RAMBO is the gold plated way to go but cost some £££.

Second best is SKR (pro) but there were some hesitations.

Before I spend any more money is SKR now tried and tested or best to steer clear?

I used a SKR 1.3 for over a year without issue on my Lowrider and have had one now for over 3 years on my 600x600 3d printer. I borked the board on the Lowrider myself accidently shorting some pins. I’m now using the SKR Pro 1.2 on my Lowrider without issue as well.

Thanks @duquette5

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