Complete but not finished!

I got my MPCNC up and running now, and I am super excited to start working the thing like a borrowed mule. I don’t have my cable management quite how I want it, and I need to build an enclosure for the electronics, and controls etc… It is working as advertised though! (After only 3 sleep starved nights too!)

I had a momentary confusion with the wiring cables that came in the kit. They are not configured like the ones in the pictures on assembly or in the diagram or on the kit page, but I looked over how the wiring worked, and looked like they would be fine. They were, but the first time I hooked up the second motor on X and Y the same direction by accident.

My cutting area is smaller than I wanted, but I was limited by wanting to be able to move it out of the hall way on the table if I wanted. Table is 2’x4’ with a 24.25" x 23.75" machine so roughly 13.35" x 13.85" cut area (based on calculator, which seems accurate I just haven’t actually measured now that I have a spindle on).

Now I just need to put on all the finishing touches!

Big thank you to Allted, and the community here for making all of this possible you guys rock!

Nice, hurry up and get it dirty!!! You don’t want to be caught with a clean cnc machine…

Took your advice, and I have been carving away!! It is so much fun.