Complete LowRider - Sold

Well it was fun while it lasted. I’m moving and don’t have room for it. It is currently setup to cut 2’ wide x however long you’d like. Lumber or table now included.

[attachment file=102153]

[attachment file=102154]

Awww bummer.

Brandon, how much are you looking for? Any estimates on shipping costs?


Where would you need it shipped to? You can always email me at

I’m thinking about $325 including shipping. I’m not looking to make a bunch of money off this. Just somewhere in the ball park of what I put into this. I spent more on this for sure.

You will need to purchase a power supply. The one I’m using takes a battery and I don’t want to deal with shipping it.

If it helps, shipping a battery is easy, you just have to print out a battery label from the post office or the internet, I’ll include one in my post. It literally just means that they cannot ship via aircraft. No extra cost, or fees, just for the weight.