Complete rebuild for the new shop in NC!

So my carport has now been fully converted into a workshop for my various hobbies the CNC machine now has a good permanent home! I also took all the knowledge I’ve collected from playing with the first build I made and applied it to the new one and vastly improved it over all.

The big thing that really came from this was the table setup is far more logical making it much easier to setup it up to mill something out and the vacuum hose, I spent a lot of time playing with different methods to mount it but keep it very functional and this method came from that, it might seem like it would put strain on the gantry but it really doesnt the hose is very flexible and the curve allows it to extend as far as out it needs along the X, while there is enough room off the railing to the left to allow for as much motion as needed for the Y axis, so far I’ve had zero problems with it!

I also wired up some more permanent power setups for it (note the switch left bottom) this controls a plug near the back of the table that the cnc and the router are plugged into allowing for easy panic shutdown, or easy turning it off/on without mistakenly hitting a button (that happened one to many times with the old setup!).

The final little bit of flare I added LED strips to the rail that runs along the X axis motors to provide some more direct light which is all wired into the power the same way as everything else in the back (but this is just directly connected with its own mini power supply for the 12v)

The last few things I want to do is make a shelf in the upper section below the table to store wood and various things directly for the CNC like clamps, and below that in the very bottom a somewhat sound proofed area for the shop vac to sit when its in use (With a door for easy access because that vac is used for everything in my shop!)

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That looks great. Very satisfying, I bet.

Very much so!

Glad to finally have it all setup again and using it. Almost done with a new project with it already, just gotta sand and paint it tomorrow.

Each time I build one I do a little something different. Once you figure out how you use it tweaking it to your use is easy. Stop messing with it and get it dirty!

Oh trust me, Its gotten dirty I’m just really paranoid about leaving dust about so I vacuum up while it catches all the really fine dust with the boot, lol.

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Hey @steampunkprogrammer, that’s a great looking build!

What part of NC are you in? I’m in Raleigh and thinking about building a MPCNC.



I am starting to think about dust collection now that mine is up and running. Did you do that boot design yourself? Is it available somewhere?