Completed Build! and Quick Test Drive!

I have completed my MPCNC Build. I have moved all the axis’s using the LCD. I know its not finished there’s more to do build a table , actually figure out how to use it! Get software going but I am happy I have gotten this far with it! Thanks RenZ

Woo! \o/

Nice build.

Thank you i still need to work on the cable management part. I printed a cable chain last night but I did not like how it came out so I will try again tonite

Nice! What is the usable printing area and did you design those brackets to hold the angle iron?


Sorry for the late reply I have been swamped. I have a 40X40 which is gives me roughly a 2X2FT square usable area.

The Bracket I used from TV for the cable Z Cacble

Ok I finally got the $$$ and time to build a table for my MPCNC. I used Remix of Allted’s Simple CNC Table to make it parametric this help me so much! I also built the shelves separately and bolted it altogether. I added wheels this way I could move this heavy beast and also take it apart as it will not fit through any doors it is 48x48

The Hillman Group 190201 Hex Bolt, 3/8-Inch X 4-Inch, 50-Pack

The Hillman Group 830506 Stainless Steel 3/8-Inch Flat Washer, 100-Pack

The Hillman Group 180303 Pronged Tee Nut, 3/8-Inch by 16-Inch, 100-Pack

Rockler Screw-On Tee Nuts 3/8-Inch x 16 TPI, 8 Pack
Waxman 2-in Rubber Swivel Caster
Item # 235514 Model # 4031299NN Aisle 15 , Bay 1

ECHO: “*******************************”
ECHO: “** Cut 4 2x4 Legs 33” Long"
ECHO: “** Cut 4 2x4 Top Ledge Lengths 45” Long"
ECHO: “** Cut 2 2x4 Top Ledge Widths 45” Long"
ECHO: “** Cut 2 23/32 Particle board Top Edges 48” x 6" Wide"
ECHO: “** Cut 1 23/32 Particle board Top Middle 48” x 36" Wide"
ECHO: “----------------------------------------------”
ECHO: “** Cut 4 2x4 Shelf Ledge Lengths 45” Long"
ECHO: “** Cut 4 2x4 Shelf Ledge Widths 45” Long"
ECHO: “** Cut 2 23/32 Particle board shelves 48” x 45" Wide"
ECHO: "------------------------------------------