Computer mount

Building an arm to hold my laptop that controls the cnc. Based off one I found on the internets.

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Cut out the laptop mount last night. Modeled it in Fusion 360, came out the way I imagined it in my head. Unfortunately I forgot I made the other parts in 3/4" plywood and designed the pivot for 1/2", which is what I made this part out of. I also forgot that 1/2" plywood isn’t really 1/2", so the joints are a bit loose, but that’s what glue is for.

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I just came across this. Are you willing to share your files?

Sure, but I haven’t gotten any further than that last picture…
Pretty sure the DXF’s are in inches, use half inch plywood. (6.87 KB)

Looks massive and strong! Interesting design

I think that you will have a hard time to keep it in a fixed position though, because you used single pivots for some of the articulations. Double trapezoid pivots are better since you can compensate the weight with pneumatic actuators. If possible, only use horizontal single pivots, since they are not affected by weight issues.

Hope we’ll see it finished one day, it looks nice :slight_smile:

It’s more of a set it and forget it type mount, no need for the pneumatics. Here’s where I got the idea.

I’ve been toying with the idea of hanging it off the ceiling. I’d have to rename that laptop though…

I see, yeah, indeed it doesn’t need to be adjustable that much, so it should be ok.
And most of the forces seem to apply vertically, which is good because the arms of this setup are vertically oriented. So locking it in position should not be difficult.

I like the integrated keyboard support. This is not something that I need in my case, but it is pretty neat and cleverly designed.