Concrete Benchtop?

I’ve been watching some YouTube videos about concrete lathes, Milling machines and other tools. I am about to build a workbench for my new MPCNC and I am wondering if it would be beneficial or detrimental to mount my MPCNC to a concrete surface, or if it would just be a complete waste of time.

My current wooden bench does vibrate quite a bit. So, I am thinking a heavier bench is in order but I don’t know if concrete would just result in the plastic pieces absorbing the vibrations and failing.

Any thoughts on this topic?

It would probably still wobble. My smaller(5foot) router’s table weighs too much for my wife and I to lift, and it still moves around sometimes. It’s sitting on wooden lower kitchen cabinets that are screwed down to the floor of my shop. I’d start with just beefing up the legs of your table if you can.

I’m revamping my shop arrangement and making all new workstations/benches either way. I think I might go ahead with a concrete top, along with a beefy base and a good set of legs. I’m going to have some different fixture mounting options, like a slot that will allow vertical sheet fixturing for dovetail joinery, etc. (Not that concrete has benefits over wood in that regard).

Workshop p0rn!

The workbench is freaking awesome.

Hehe, a little advertising for my workbench, quite easier to build but with more functions:

Otherwise, I think you can consider a similar design to mine for the CNC table. It is quite rigid and provides a lot of possibilities in terms of height settings:

You should also consider to change the corners for a bit more rigidity

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