Conduit Based Table

I have a bunch of conduit laying around for some reason, and I can always use another cnc…

So much lighter than the 2x4 tables I’ve been throwing together. It looks cheesy this way but I wanted to show the printed parts. The next table I will put them on the inside of the corners and it should look pretty cool I hope.

Looks neat. With some real wood for a top I could see making an end table like that people going for an industrial look would like.

I wonder if shelving made with conduit could hold much weight.

Yeah I Put it together pretty quick not expecting much but turns out it’s pretty rugged. Need to make another and spend a little time on it.

In that picture I have 14 kits on there and I think they are about 12lbs each, no problems. I had a few 50lb hardware boxes on there for a while, pretty solid. I’m sure the shelves could handle anything you thrown on em.

What if you got rid of the part blocking the conduit from coming out the top and used longer conduit? Then you could just put the corner blocks on the top of each corner and you have a machine built into a table. If you use a stop block while cutting the conduit it should be pretty close to square with only minor adjustments needed.

If you built an all in one there is no way to adjust it. I always thought I made my machines extremely square. Then I cut the first MP3DP, I saw how far off 1/16" out of square can cause problems with precision cuts. That’s the kind of stuff you never notice on small build platforms, at the same time the bigger you build it the easier it is to square the frame.

Good point. I just extended my machine’s x and z axis today. Even with the new corner blocks I spent quite a while going back and forth with a tape measure getting it all perfect. Now I just realized that I forgot to check how close the z height is everywhere.

I was planning on building a 2x4 desk in my bedroom at my new apartment in the fall, but I might do something like this instead.

Another big benefit of having the mounts outside the table is that you get more work surface…

I really want to tig together a really nice aluminum table, but for now this will do. Maybe I can swap this one on craigslist for a little tig.

Did you use PLA for the brackets?

Yes, and I didn’t realize it yesterday I had it out in the super hot sun for hours and nothing happened. Got lucky I guess.

I need to build a table tomorrow and I was thinking about this, but I live in Florida and it will live in the garage. I wonder how it would hold up. My car said it was 107 today. (It never goes in the garage) It’s not like I have spare conduit laying around, so 2x4s might be quicker (no print time) and safer in the heat.

I prefer using wood type, specially I have seen some kind of table but made of teak wood materials and is also good to use outdoor. Almost similar to this but a little smaller.