Conduit Calculator Error?

Figured I’d start a new thread for calculator issues, rather than burying it in the Primo thread…

Anyway, for giggles, I ran the calculator for my current desired Burly build, and the Y gantry conduit showed as 1/2" shorter than the 2 Y rails. I double-checked against the “older version” docs, and the three lengths for each axis are listed as being equal.

The X gantry is the same length as the X rails, it’s just the Y gantry that looks off. And it only seems to show when the DW660 is selected as the spindle. So that looks like the culprit.

@barry99705 @vicious1

Okay, I have had this on the to do list for a while. I submitted a fix. I will double check it tomorrow if Jeff doesn’t get to it first.

Thank you!


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