Conduit Confusion (first post)

I am seeing 3 main versions 3/4,1 inch,And 25mm
My understanding of the actual size of the 3/4 is .922 and 1 inch is 1.163. 25mm is .984.
I read on the forums that people are using 1 inch tubing for there builds. What version are they using?
I would guess 25mm because its the closest.
please help me understand so I can get the right parts the first time.

Thank you for your time

The part measurements are the fit for the Outside dimension of what tubing you are using for your country.

23.5mm fit use 3/4ID conduit.

25.4 fit 1"OD stainless tubing

25mm fits 25mm OD conduit or tubing.

This should be on the specs page and the conduit page, as well as the parts pages and plastic kit pages.

thank you for the quick response.
i was way over thinking this