Conduit diameter problem

Hi. I live in Argentina, and almost everything of hardware are hard to find, or very expensive.
I can buy the metric screws, so I decided to make the 25mm OD version.
The problem now is that I only can buy 1 inch conduit, 25.4mm. which I did. I started printing the parts, but when I measure the internal diameter of the printed pieces, in example, the z motor mount, and it is 24.5mm, so it will perhaps work with the 25mm conduit, but not with the 25.4mm. My printer is printing the size OK, the screws fits perfectly in the motor mount and the motor.
So, what is your recomendation? Could I sand the inside of the corner blocks to fit? Or should I print all in a 105%, whith the risk of the screws come out of the motor?
Thanks a lot.

25.4mm doesn’t really work. I would say it doesn’t work but, 1 or 2 people have made it work somehow. I’m not sure how It should really throw off the center assembly. You might want to check your extruder steps. Look up the 100mm filament test. Sounds like you might be over extruding.

Try looking for things other than conduit, like closet rods or shower rods. Try ebay. 25mm stainless is out there.

Hi vicious1, thanks for the fast repply. I actually have spend 1/2 kg of pla in that mistake.
I don’t have access to ebay articles, the customs are very restrictive, but I can bought 3/4" conduit, but can’t bought the imperial screws, only the metric ones.
Can I make the 3/4" imperial version, with the metric screws, nuts and bolts?
Thanks a lot!