Conduit quality

I have a bit of problem getting galvanized conduit of diameter 25.0 or 25.4.

One source can deliver Stainless steel tube Ø195 with 1.5 mm thickness. Treated with rust protection oil.

Do you consider this quality good?

It is not galvanized.

You mean 19.5mm? Also, you don’t need galvanised.

Check for “wardrobe tube” online, those are usually made of steel, too.

No, the diameter is specified to 25.0 mm.

So what the Ø195 mean, I don’t know.

Thanks for your information.

I assume you are scandinavian and refer to Biltemas stålrør. Did you try these? Did they work? Clas Ohlson also have wardrobe tubes in 25mm, but only 1 meter long.