Conduit question.

I have printed most parts and fixed most of the conduits to.
But i have two questions.

  1. How hard should it be to move the rollers on the conduit? I seems to have a perfect fit since its a bit hard to push the rollers but no wiggeling and all the bearings are touching. But is it to tight? Should the move easy?
    If i want them to move with less fricition. What to do?

  2. One of the rollers are rotating when i push it along the conduit. Not much. Maybe 10 degrees over 500mm travel.
    Is this a big problem or will it sort it self out once everything is put together?
    If its a problem. Any idea what i can do to fix it?

/Martin Saldert

Sounds about right. Run it for a while and see how it goes. The plastic will relax a little(very little), so don’t worry about that too much. As long as it doesn’t rattle when you wiggle the parts, and you can move it without too much force, you should be good. The bearing will also wear the galvanizing off after a while, so it will loosen up a bit.