Configuring stepper motors

I need a little help on configuring the stepper motors in marlin. Also the menu, on the tft 35 has a motor configuration. I finally got my rumba32 to upload and the motors all work. I am running external stepper drivers to. The speed they should be going, current, and any other setting I can do in the menu. I also will have to set the setting in the marlin. This is a cnc router by the way not a 3d printer. If ryan has any videos let me know I couldnt find any. And the end stop connections, i am trying to figure that out to, I haven’t been able to find a wiring diagram for that. Any help would be appreciated from you guys, and ladies. thanks dean

I’m not an expert. It is my understanding that the settings you see on the menu to set stepper driver properties require some sort of communication protocol between the control board and the stepper driver. I2C, SPI, and Digipot are all mentioned in the Marlin firmware comments. I’ve looked at common external drivers, and none of them have any of these protocols, so without the communication protocol, the menu settings will be ignored. If your firmware does have one of these communication protocols, then you will need to look at the specific settings for your driver in Marlin in the configuration_adv.h file.

Without a communication protocol, your goal should be to get whatever settings are in Marlin to match the datasheet for your stepper driver. If you search in configuration_adv.h for “TB6600”, there are a few hardware specific settings that you may want to adjust:




//#define MAXIMUM_STEPPER_RATE 250000

In addition, the microstepping you set on your driver will have an impact on the steps per axis. It can be adjusted in the firmware or using g-code (which is how your menu items are adjusting these values).

#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT { 100, 100, 400, 100 }