Congrats to Peter H - achieving "Star of Design Level 5" (Red Giant) on Printables!

Congrats to Peter H (@bitingmidge on V1 and @79444-peter-h on for achieving “Star of Design Level 5” (Red Giant) by having 5,000 downloads of his models! This is achieved by less than 0.17% of active users on Printables!

You can access his models here: Printables


Thanks @DougJoseph !

As I said elsewhere I know that 5,000 downloads doesn’t make me an internet King, but when I taught myself to draw using a computer as a 70th birthday gift to myself this was beyond my comprehension!

I’m not sure what to make of @vicious1 's 18,000 downloads though! That is truly amazing.

Incredibly, thanks to Printables “game”, I have currently seven spools of filament in credit in my account, some of which will be turned into an LR3 at my usual snail-like pace, as soon as I return home.

Four months travelling in Europe over summer is super fun for a couple of aging couch surfers, but it does get in the way of making stuff!

While I usually leave my internet life in quite compartmentalised blocks, if you would like to taste a bit of the flavour of our travels and adventures on our 45 year old ex-hire boat, you can check us out here:


Congratulations on the holiday touring Europe!

Yes, Ryan’s stats on Printables are amazing. Kudos to him as well!!!


Thanks Doug, although we’d prefer to think of it as what we do for a living - we bough a very cheap and very battered boat 13 years ago and have spent (except for the last two Covid years) 4-5 months fixing it and moving ever so slowly round the inland waterways of France, Germany and Belgium with perhaps a bit of the Netherlands planned for next year.

When you are travelling at 8kph which is around 5mph you get a lot of time for sightseeing.


Dude you are crushing it! That little level badge tells an even bigger story, 23!!! You must be dang good at printing!

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