Connecting Repetier Host


I have installed Arduino and it shows my board on com 1. Start Repetier host but it says connection does not exist on com 1 just wondering what to do next. Have read forums but haven’t found much.


What happens when you leave it on auto connect? PC, or Mac? Did you get it from this site?
Try installing arduino and its drivers, might be a driver issue.

I’m running windows 10, deffinately a driver issue were should I download correct driver at? Yes I bought the kit from you. It appears that Arduino software is seeing the board as it says Mega 2560 on com 1 on the bottom. Repetier just doesn’t see it.


If arduino sees it it is not a driver issue. Try pronterface,

Got it, loaded pronterface it worked right away looked and it showed com 4 so went back to repitier switched to com 4 and all is good. thanks so much for your help and design, I’m sure I will be looking for more help but I can continue my learning now.