Connection issue with rambo

I’m writing this thread again, because it appears that the wordpress forum post crashed, probably because I was uploading to many images. I didn’t save my draft so here I go all over again.

I recently finished construction of my 3’x3’ MPCNC with 3d parts I printed myself and I bought the rest of the parts here in a kit with the miniRambo upgrade. I am having issues with the rambo board.

I installed Estlcam, Repetier Host, and Repetier Server. Estlcam and Repetier Host will not find the machine. Repetier Server finds it, but the manual controls yield no response.

The board seems to power up fine, the green led7 lights up and a yellow led labeled C58 flashes occaissionally. I have no lcd, and am using a small win 10 laptop. The board shows up in com3 in the device manager.

I’m lost at this point. Did I make a mistake for going with the rambo board.

I’m going to attach the pictures in batches so the post doesn’t crash on me again.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

some more pics…

…and finally the board. Bear in mind this enclosure isn’t permanent, just want to get the machine running, so I can cut some parts to build something better.

So estlcam does not connect to the board, please be careful not to flash it. Repetier Server should just get uninstalled, you should only use repetier Host.

Follow this post.

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Yeah I didn’t reflash it with estlcam.

I followed that walkthrough, but it didn’t work. It seems as though it is set for mega/ramps board instead of rambo, are the settings all the same? The gui in estlcam has changed a bit since that walkthrough was created too. Do you have anything for the minirambo setup.

Meanwhile I’ll uninstall repetier server. Since I have a 3d printer I’m not planning on ever 3d printing with the MPCNC, so do I need to use repetier host? The main reason I was using the server was that there was an error message stating it was highly reccommended to use server instead.

In estlcam do I use the ramps pin layout or something else for the rambo?

Estlcam has nothing to do with the control board it just makes the gcode. Close it and just use my test gcode. Uninstall server, and just use host. What in that walk though is not working for you at what step? Start at step 7 with my test code found at the bottom.

The programs do not know what board they are connected to they literally just send commands over usb.

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Ok I uninstalled R. Server. Starting over from step 7 now.

Back again, I hope your still up.
I started over from scratch. everything works fine, except I can’t get host to do anything. All the graphics bits work fine. IE: creating the vector loading into estl saving the program and loading into r. host. But then the print button is greyed out, the cnc is not recognized, can not run and manual controls don’t function. I thought maybe the belts were too tight but there is no sound, and z axis doesn’t work either.

Check the baud rate on the virtual com port that is created when you plug your usb between the rambo and the computer. It should be 250000, yours looks like it’s different.


I’m done for the night but Bill is onto something here, Let’s see your repetier host setting screen.

I really fear that estlcam might have been attempted to flash, It should not work but I don’t know if it would wipe the board or not first.

Just so this doesn’t cause a panic, the Rambo’s have had zero issues from the factory or any that have shipped. I am confident this has to do with estlcam or repetier server messing with settings.

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It was something in the Repetier Host printer settings. I created a new printer then reinputted the settings again and presto the connect button worked. Thank you so much, I’m so happy it wasn’t something with the board.