Constellation clock

My parents clock died and Im always looking for it when I visit. Decided to make one for them since it’ll be years before they decide to buy another.

Inkscape to estlcam, just pockets and islands- 0.2 mm tool diameter and 50 mm/s xy movement though theres tons of accel/deccel so it didn’t get up to full speed much. 1 hr 10 mins for the laser work-7 watt j-tech laser.

This was try four lol. V1 V-carve wasn’t very crisp and I wanted the numbers bigger.

Second try I forgot to change the clearance plane from zero so my big drug when I cut it out.

V3 got snagged on the laser power block on the second to last path and skipped some steps. :sob:

It’s still not perfect (sightly out of round, need to check my starting blocks-some laser paths slightly misaligned) but I’m happy with it; should look good from the distance it will be viewed at.

I did not make the hands, they came with the clock kit.