Control Board

I feel like this is a dumb question but it’s such a nice board, I feel I’ve got to ask. I’ve got a spare Einsy Rambo laying around. Is this a reasonable choice for the MPCNC? I already have several printers so it’s not my intention to use the MPCNC as a printer - strictly for laser and milling operations. Can the stepper drivers handle this kind of work? It seems like there would be quite a bit of tweaking to do, as the Z axis is the only one set up to utilize two motors. I’m still very new to most of this, so forgive me if I’m n00bing out here.

Any help, or links to resources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Yes it will work, it would be wired equivalent to the minirambo kits I sell, in series. you will need to edit the firmware though.

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Thanks Ryan. Has someone done a write-up on the various firmware modifications that need to be made for the multitude of boards that can be used?

You can use the compare tool on github to see exactly what I have changed.

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