Controller Board

New to Forum, new to 3D printing.

I am printing the parts now for the MPCNC on my new Ender 5. Using PETG using 238 C and 40mm/sec and a 0.4mm nozzle. I am unsure of the retract settings, though. Prints pretty good, certainly strong enough. So far, I have an aluminum extruder and Capricorn Bowden tube as upgrades. I have an SKR 1.3 controller and TMC 2208 drivers, but have not installed them yet. I hear complaints about the magnetic bed, but I like it. Just spray a little Aqua Net before each print and no adhesion problems noticed with a couple dozen prints.

My question is about the controller board: can the SKR 1.3 be used? Possibly that board with the TMC2208 may not be able to handle two NEMA 17 steppers in parallel(???).

Maybe the SKR 1.3 with the new 2209 drivers?

Take care, TIA



Oh, I just realized the SKR 1.3 has 5 drivers, perhaps the two extruders which are not needed can drive the extra X and Y motors???



We usually wire the phases in series - so current is typically not an issue (just voltage and with a 12V supply or higher that is not a prob either) but you already caught the 5 driver feature:

Yes - they’d be used for the Dual Endstop firmware.


Unless someone here can point you to a 32bit version of Dual Endstop using the SKR 1.3 and your drivers with the correct pins and config.h, config_adv.h file modifications… you may be in for a bit of fun? … not knowing your software/firmware level of expertise.


In series huh?

So, maybe double the voltage to 24V?

I could have sworn I saw folks putting the motors in parallel on a 3D printer, but, what do I know after 1 week! Ha

Anyway, no stranger to C code and Arduino, just new to steppers.

I basically wanted to keep the same controller for 3D printing and CNC if possible.



You’re welcome, I avoid writing code myself (hardware engineer) - I only hack when I need to! :slight_smile:

Only if you’re NOT going Dual Endstop, if I didn’t make that clear.

Not necessary, unless you have high impedance steppers. 12V should work fine. If you look up the specs for some steppers - the NEMA 17’s we use for the MPCNC in the 80 oz-in range have a rated coil voltage of 2.8V (2A@1.4Ohm).


Ok, so if I can get the dual endstop working with the 5 drivers, should be normal at 12V.

Yes, I knew about the lower voltage of the motors, I have a set of steppers from way back to drive my large dobsonian telescope. Unfortunately, all that stuff is still in the box :frowning:

Stepper tech has surely advanced since the 3D revolution started.

Really cannot believe I have a $320 machine making pretty good, and accurate, parts!