Controller options

I am considering building a MP3DP, but I’m struggling to figure out what my options are for controllers. Can I go with any version of SKR board right now and be successful? Ideally I’d like to be able to run virtually from the start as I can with my MPCNC using the ESP32 controller, but I’d also like to keep it on a tighter budget to start.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

It (Marlin) will pretty much run out of the box with the SKR board.
I’d do the ESP32 later. Get some joy out of the tool first.

It depends how comfortable you are in editing the firmware.
You can use any board you want on any printer, Marlin firmware has a very huge list of compatibilities (and you’re not only limited to using marlin)

So yeah, a SKR board should work fine, even an arduino mega + ramps if you want the cheapest combo.