Convert images to cnc-able files

What is the best way to convert the attached image into something I can engrave? I tried img2cad but it does not look good when imported into estlcam.


You really need a dxf file to make it easy or a vector format, jpg, gif, png won’t work without a ton of work.

I’ve also found color images don’t convert well. There are online places that will convert it for you, but it looks like crap after the conversion.

Inkscape has the Trace bitmap tool… It kinda sorta works ok its really image dependent and will be some clean up afterwards.

I haven’t used it, as I am still researching all that I need for the MPCNC, but Ben Heck’s CNC Router Tutorial demonstrates which converts SVG (vector) files to gcode. So you would have to follow the above suggestions first and then use it.