Converting to spindle from dewalt dw611

I was wondering if any one had tried using the Dewalt dw611 router housing for a 65mm spindle i measured it this morning and it looked like it might with. Here is a picture of 2 to show you what I mean. Before anyone tells me I’m using the caliper the wrong way I held it like that so it was easier to see I measured it the right way first lol

Just looking to see what everyone’s opinion on it would be. Also a picture of me latest carve got to throw that in the mix too


Those are awesome carvings. I haven’t seen anyone try that. Are you thinking of printing a collet to make the 65mm up to 67.4?

The other thing that occurs to me is that the dewalt has those little teeth to ride in the grooves. I wonder if you can get enough holding pressure to keep it from rotating with just the tension around the outside.

Yes I was thinking of taking up the difference with some kind of print or something I haven’t got real far with it. If you measure it real close it is around 66-67mm and the Dewalt base has a clamp that holds it in place it is toward the bottom you can kind of see it in the picture. I was grabbing my laptop on my way to work this morning and noticed the base without the router looked a lot like a file I was going to print for the spindle so I just wanted to see if anyone else had noticed it out tried it.

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