Cordless router on DC as spindle?

I am building a LR3 and consider using a Ryobi One+ cordless router, but modding it for corded use when used on the LR3.

The reason being that I already have this cordless router, I would like to use it both on and off the LR3 and it is lightweight without the battery(with external ac-dc adapter). See this example - Cordless Power Tool Conversion 18VDC to 120/240VAC : 10 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Anyone else tried anything similar?

I’m sure it would work. Those larger power supplies can get pretty pricey, but should still be less than a new router.

Doesn’t teaching tech use a cordless router? I know I’ve seen one on a CNC somewhere. Just gotta be sure the battery is charged and know how long it’ll run the router. If the battery dies while you’re using the router by hand it’s not a big deal. If it dies on the CNC, it’ll probably break the end mill, and might ruin the work.


He did on the first video. But it was something he changed on the second.


Will test and post the result here for anyone interested :slight_smile: